A tutorial on how you can sync and analyze your Peloton workout stats into Coda with custom dashboards. Sync with a Google Apps Script or serverless function on Google Cloud.

This tutorial shows how Google Sheets, ClickUp, Monday.com, Wrike, Smartsheet, Notion, and Coda handle task dependencies for a project.

Tutorial on exporting your Jira issues into Google Sheets and Coda, and comparing the two different platforms for analyzing and syncing Jira issues.

Recap of the Coda August 2020 meetup with Kevin Levine, Associate Director of Colleague Relations @ Hyatt Hotels in NYC

A hospitality veteran

For August 2020’s virtual NYC meetup, I had a chance to speak with Kevin Levine, Associate Director of Colleague Relations for New York City at Hyatt Hotels.

Recap of the Coda July 2020 meetup with Ariana Cofone, VP of Operations at Decoded

A project management template based on MasterClass’ process for launching classes with task dependencies.

Recap of the Coda May 2020 meetup with Matt Galligan, VP of Design at Earnest Research

Keep your data synced across your Coda docs and Google Sheets so you don’t have to copy and paste anymore.

Two new scripts

Last year I published a tutorial on how to sync data between two Coda docs and data between two Google Sheets. What was missing from the tutorial was how to sync data between a Coda doc and a Google Sheet. Writing these scripts was definitely more challenging than the original…

Al Chen

Coda evangelist (coda.io) | Excel user (thekeycuts.com)

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