4 Reasons No-Code Hackathons Are The Best Type Of Hackathons

Source: No-Code Hackathon at Betaworks, NYC

I’m not technical, so how do I participate in a hackathon?

Making hackathons more inclusive

Plenty of non-technical people are needed at these events and even people who want to code but only know HTML or CSS can help on a team.

#1 Prototype ideas faster

As a non-technical individual and visual learner, no-code platforms like Coda and Bubble are incredibly exciting. After attending the no-code hackathon and learning about these platforms, I started my first project where I get to build everything with my own two thumbs. For me this has been incredibly rewarding. No-code is going to open up a whole new market of builders and founders. — Scott, No-Code Hackathon participant

Source: Ryan Hoover

#2 Bringing tools to your 9-to-5

I have the confidence in my own tools for my job as an interior architect, instead of relying on the tools that are made available to me from my company. It’s a great feeling to know that I don’t have to rely on a combination of excel sheets, word documents, emails to manage my projects. — Oliver, No-Code Hackathon participant

#3 Validate ideas with an MVP

Source: No-Code Hackathon at Betaworks, NYC

#4 Having a prototype before you build it “for real”

The future of code is no-code

But I just wanted to say that the no-code hackathon gave me more confidence than I, as a non-tech professional, can meaningfully build my own ideas. — Oliver, No-Code Hackathon participant




Coda evangelist (coda.io) | Excel user (thekeycuts.com)

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Al Chen

Al Chen

Coda evangelist (coda.io) | Excel user (thekeycuts.com)

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